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Tax (Lien Certificate) Sale 2020
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated  April 20, 2020

A Tax Lien Certificate Sale is a public sale of lien interests on properties. The sale is used as a method to collect delinquent real estate taxes and/or other unpaid municipal fees and charges owed to the City of Baltimore all of which are liens against the real property address. The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore generally holds this sale once each year in May. The winning bidder does not purchase the deed to the property, but purchases a Tax Lien Certificate. In order to acquire the deed, the law requires the purchaser to file a Complaint in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to foreclose the right of redemption. The foreclosure procedure includes obtaining a decree from the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, preparing a deed, paying all liens that have accrued from the date of the Tax Lien Certificate Sale, paying any excess funds (bid amount less lien amounts), and recording the deed in the Land Records of Baltimore City.

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